What are the top 5 roofing problems?

When building a roof, people always strive to choose the best type of it and the highest quality materials for its building as well as an excellent roofing contractor that possess all that is necessary to make sure that the roof is adequately and firmly built and that it will last for a long time. However, no matter how strong it might be constructed, with the time and if it is not maintained properly, it can suffer from a multitude of issues caused either by the many alternations of the seasons, natural disasters or some other things.

The top 5 roofing problems that most frequently occur are leaks and moisture, blow-offs and billowing, ponding water, damages caused by trees, Shrinkage and Cracking. These five issues are the most common ones and also very easy to be identified and repaired, and you can do the repair on your own if you possess at least some knowledge and skills and tools necessary for this type of job. However, if you feel uncomfortable about accessing your roof alone because you fear for your safety and whether you will do the repairs properly because the issues seem to be far beyond your skill level, then the best solution for you is to seek professional assistance from an appropriate roofing company.

roofing-companyLeaks and moisture are among the biggest roof problems. They can occur at any area on your roof for a number of reasons such as broken tiles or shingles as the result of the poor material of which they are made or as the consequence of the constant alternations of the hot and cold weather, improper installation, crumbling underlayment and many other things that can lead to leaking. A good roofing company which has experienced and well-trained workers will quickly detect all the sources of leaks and prevent the water from damaging the wooden construction and entering the home causing the appearance of the moisture.

Blow-offs and billowing can occur on the poorly installed bitumen roofs where wind resistance is reduced. Because of this seams often tend to open and cause billowing of the pieces of the roof.

Ponding of water can occur as the consequence of the improper design of the roof which is often the case with the flat roofs which do not have slopes built in them to prevent ponding of water.

roof-repairsShrinkage and cracking are another common problem with roofs, especially EPDM roofs and it is of immense importance that as soon as you notice the ballasted membrane pulling off the flashing you call professionals to repair the damage and prevent further shrinkage and cracking of an already damaged membrane.

As much as trees can beautify your backyard and the look of your house they can also cause many serious damages to the roof. Heavy branches that sometimes fall off the trees during the heavy storms can break the tiles and make a hole in your roof. Leaves and other tree debris can do harm to your roof by clogging the gutters and preventing the water from flowing off from your roof.

If you notice any of these problems then it is time to contact an excellent roofing company such as First Class Roofing which is the most respected roof repair company and they will certainly help you in solving these issues.