Chiropractic Treatment for New Mothers

Chiropractic treatment had advanced a lot in past few years, and it is not just for adults anymore. Many chiropractors are now specialized to treat children, infants and even pregnant women. The field of chiropractic treatment of expectant mothers is growing very fast, and new procedures are being developed every year. Pregnancy places a lot of stresses on a woman’s body, and now, a chiropractor can help these women to relieve their pain.

When Should I Start Receiving Chiropractic Treatment?

If you have chronic back problems, you should visit your therapist before you become pregnant. For example, if you suffer from scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis, you can experience great pain during pregnancy because, without the proper posture, you won’t be able to carry your child adequately. Only by timely detecting and correcting these misalignment in the spine or pelvis, you can enjoy a painless, trouble-free pregnancy. Also, by timely detecting any imbalances and misalignment, you will know whether or not you’re prepared for pregnancy. For example, if you have some imbalances in the pelvis, you might have problems during pregnancy, delivery or even after the delivery. So the answer to your question is that you should visit your chiropractor as soon as possible, especially if you previously had back problems or spine curvature disorders.

How Safe Is It To Get Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy?

This question can be answered only after a chiropractor has carefully examined you. All women are different and can react differently to chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments for the most of the healthy women are completely safe. The only thing you should have in mind is to find a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women. They are trained to know what changes a woman’s body goes through because of pregnancy and how can a woman endure those changes.


Many pregnant women have problems with a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve is caused by overall pressure to it by surrounding tissues. This pressure disrupts the nerve’s function causing pain and a feeling of numbness or weakness. An experienced chiropractor can help you relieve pain and solve this problem.

How Can A Chiropractor Help You During Pregnancy?

Specialized knowledge allows the therapist to correct and adjust any imbalances you might have in the joints or spine. If this is done at appropriate times throughout the pregnancy, it can compensate for any new issues that may arise. They have a special table that is designed to accommodate the woman’s body in each stage of her pregnancy and also, your chiropractor will use special techniques that won’t cause any unnecessary abdominal pressure. There is no better method for back pain relief during pregnancy than chiropractic therapy.

If you are wondering why you should get adjustments during pregnancy, you should know that in this state, your body is rapidly changing, possibly leading to joint and spinal problems due to the shifting bones in your pelvic area. Your abdominal weight gain will increase over time, changing your posture which can bring you great pain if you suffer from spine curvature disorders. By having adjustments throughout your pregnancy, you will be giving your baby more room to grow, making it easier for the baby to get into the right position when the delivery comes close.