Moms Protect Home and Family

Winter is coming soon, and it is sure it will bring us a lot of snow, ice and cold. This upcoming winter, mothers have decided to protect their children from icy walkways with Newsom Seed bulk ice melt. Parents know that icy roads, highways, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks can be very dangerous when the snow starts to build up but they also know that dangerous hazards of slippery walk paths can be easily cleaned by using ice melters and shovels. So, if you are an overprotective mother, read on to learn essential benefits of using ice melt products and how can these products quickly eliminate dangerous occasions that come with icebound paths.

Ice Melters Come in Different Forms

If you want to properly protect your walkways, you should choose the ice melt according to the type of surface you want to clean. You can also choose these products according to the current temperature. Ice melt products come in different forms, and the most commonly used are solid or liquid. When it comes to their particle sizes, they can also have various types. Solid melters act differently from liquid melters, for example, liquid ones will do the job faster. Solid melters must be dissolved in water, and therefore they work a little bit slower than liquid ice melt blends. Particle size can also affect the speed of ice melting.

Liquid ice melt blends are usually used to quickly clean highway systems before or after the arrival of great storms. This process is called anti-icing, and it includes removing snow, ice or frost from a surface by using chemicals that will not only de-ice the surface but also delay reformation of the ice for a certain time period. Besides the process of anti-icing, there is also de-icing. They are a little difficult to handle, so they are usually used by professionals. On the other hand, we often use solid melters.

Know Your Ice Melt Blend Well

It is important to know your ice melt blend well if you want to remove the ice from your pavement and walking ways successfully. When choosing an ice melting product, take into considerations factors like ice melting speed and ingredients of the blend. For example, melters that contain salt or potassium won’t be very effective in melting the snow. That is why they are cheaper that the products that contain calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. These products will melt the snow and ice in no time, but they’re a little bit high-priced. It is also important to pay attention to the ingredients of the melt because some of them can damage your concrete.

We suggest you buying Newsom seed ice melt products because they have good melting speed, they are easy to handle and they won’t damage your asphalt. Their blends will easily and quickly break the connection between ice and the pavement, enabling you to manually and safely remove it. Don’t wait any longer! Check for quality ice melt near me here and ensure your family is protected today!