Help manage pregnancy pain with chiropractics – Winnipeg

Chiropractics may be the answer to pain management during pregnancy. With lower-back pain management and soft-tissue massage techniques; chiropractics can be the alternative treatment that makes a difference in the delivery room. Ninety-four percent of pregnant women who underwent this type of treatment revealed vast clinical improvements in pain according to a study published in Midwifery Women’s Health.The joys of a pending pregnancy can be a cause for celebration but it can also cause major-stress to your body. Bringing a new life into the world also means adjustments both emotionally and physically. If you’re contemplating starting a family, you may want to consider chiropractics as part of your pregnancy plan. Think of it as pain relief without the side effects.

When we think of pregnancy, we often think of the numerous hormonal changes that occur prenatal or perinatal, but what many women don’t think about is the changes that can occur with their posture and their entire musculoskeletal frame. During pregnancy your body goes through subtle changes to prepare for carrying that additional weight. As the baby grows, your- center of gravity shifts forward, and your pelvistilts which causes the tightening and shortening of your lower back muscles. Your gluteal muscles and hamstrings become weakened. The additional stress to the cervical and lumbar regions also place stress on the back and neck. By using gentle, soft-tissue techniques chiropractors can help relax the tight ligaments, and eliminate or reduce pain in these regions.

There is no doubt that back pain is just part of the whole pregnancy experience, but chiropractic care can help women who suffer pain and sleepless nights. With chiropractic care, it’s easier to manage these short-term inconveniences with the proper lower-back pain management techniques. According to a study published in Obstetrics Gynecology, 6o percent of pregnant women and prenatal providers are open Ito alternative treatments for lower-back pain management. Overall, 61 percent would consider massage, 44 percent would consider acupuncture, 42 percent would consider-relaxation techniques and another 36 percent would consider chiropractic care.

pregnancy_treatment_with_chiropractic_careChiropractic techniques, including muscle manipulation and soft-tissue massage, are safe during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can include specially-designed pillows, wedges and tables that accommodate both mother an fetus in a side-lying position. With soft-tissue and mobilization techniques, chiropractorsfocus on relieving pain and treating biomechanical dysfunction caused by the changes occurring d wring pregnancy. By considering the hormonal fluctuations, chiropractors can modify a treatment plan that focuses on soft tissue structures. During the st and znd trimester, there is a focus on the biomechanical structure with a shift towards reducing tension and strain on the musculoskeletal frame. During the last trimester the focus is in supporting good alignment through the lower back and pelvis. While this is just one type of treatment plan adapted for pregnancy, many chiropractic techniques can be revised to accommodate pregnant women.

With chiropractic care, many women report easier-deliveries Some chiropractors are also trained in the “Webster Technique.” This innovative technique is used A.then vertebral subluxations cause malfunctioning in the uterus and puts pressure on the spinal nerves. It also assists with reducing uterine rotation so that the fetus can naturally turn itself into a normal vertex or head down position so that delivery is safe and with little pain. Of course, pain experienced prior to delivery can cause increased amdety and stress. Consultation with a chiropractor can make the delivery of your bundle of joy an easier and safe process.