Landscape Designer for the DC Design House 

DC Design House is a quite popular project, and it is all about changing the appearance of a home, both from inside and out. It started in 2008, and very quickly, it attracted the attention of many individuals due to its originality, and innovative ideas. It is organized annually, and this year, it takes place from the 1st until the 30th October. Additionally, it is a nonprofit entity, and funds collected from selling tickets are meant for Children’s National Health System.

Many people are interested in visiting this event, and making a contribution to such a charitable purpose. It is no wonder it has become the region’s most promising annual residential design attraction. If you want to, you can visit the showcase during October. At this event, you can also buy artworks created by patients of Children’s National.


Since its beginning in 2008, it has attracted the attention of over 70,000 visitors. Additionally, it raised over $1.5 million for its cause. The idea of this event is a form of partnership between the best interior and exterior designers. They all work together towards accomplishing the goal of collecting as much money as possible. Each professional is contributing something to the event’s purpose.

Every year, one home is chosen for this lovely project. Top area designers have a chance to showcase their talents to visitors. Their responsibility is to renovate different sections of the house. The appearance of the property is completely changed to look fantastic, as a result of this teamwork. When the remodeling is finished, the next step is opening doors to the public and collecting funds for Children’s National Health System.

Landscape design

It is not enough for a house only to be appealing from the inside. The exterior, as well as a garden, also need to be attractive. That’s why D&A Dunlevy landscape design company was a part of this event. It is a team of professionals with years of experience in this field. They have fantastic and innovative ideas and know how to make every yard look perfect.


At this year’s DC Design House, they were responsible for entry way design. Of course, they did amazing work and therefore contributed to achieving the event’s goal of raising funds. They understand that the key to a beautiful home is having an appealing front garden. The experience of visitors starts with a fantastic combination of flowers, bushes, and walkway, leading them to the front door.

There is nothing better than having the best and most competent professionals working on improving the appearance of your garden. They know how to combine different elements to achieve the perfect look. Years of experience and a significant number of satisfied clients speak for themselves, so it is no surprise these experts were a part of a popular event such as DC Design House.